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WCC Governing and Other Documents

This is a living page under constant development and will have links to all documents to be included here. The Buttons below will open the indicated WCC governing document. Additional buttons will be added later. The lower section will eventually contain brief descriptions of all documents to be accessed from this page.

Public Documents

All documents found here are available for public viewing.


This is the constitution upon which the Woodbridge Community Choir was founded. Changes to this document are rare but can be made as the need arises and requires a specific procedure as described in the By Laws and Standing Rules documents.

By Laws

The By Laws contains information about the original formation of WCC and a series of Articles that describes in general what is expected of each member of the Board of Directors, becoming a member of the choir or Board of Directors, the expectations of each member of the Board of Directors and other offices and standing committees, along with other information about what the choir does.

Standing Rules

The Standing Rules is a parallel document to the By Laws giving details about how all that is addressed in the By Laws is done by procedures described within this document.


There are currently two Attachments. Attachment A is for other organizations or individuals that would like to request an appearance by WCC at a private or public event. Attachment B is for a member of WCC to apply to join the Board of Directors.

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