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Woodbridge Community Choir is a talented choir from Woodbridge, VA. Since first joining forces in 1966, this group of incredible singers have developed a cohesive and creative performance style.

When it comes to their future plans, this choral masterpiece is not giving away too much, but they are blazing a few very interesting musical trails. To find out more and see them in action, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Someone Reading Sheet Music
Sheet Music
Summer Concert 2


The term "membership" has multiple meanings in the context of the organization and this website. First and foremost, once you have registered for the first time to become a member of the Woodbridge Community Choir you are considered a member for the current season and when that season is over you are considered a former member for life. Whether or not you are a member or former member of the Woodbridge Community Choir you can become a member of this website and join one or more groups established on this website. One such group is called Current Season Member, in order to join this group you must be a registered member of the Woodbridge Community Choir for the current season. Other groups include members of the WCC Executive Board of which membership is limited to elected members of the Woodbridge Community Choir Executive Board and one other group called the Fans & Supportes of the Woodbridge Community Choir. Membership in this group is open to everyone.

Governing Documents

Welcome WCC mebers and visiters. Click below to access governing and other important documents

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