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Christmas Decorations

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A Tradition of Excellence
Providing free concerts in Woodbridge, VA since 1966

A choir of this power and magnitude cannot be accurately described in words, but when you explore the site and listen to some of their incredible vocals, you will understand what Woodbridge Community Choir is all about. Having been singing in harmony since 1966, the group comprises a variety of singers and instrumentalist ranging in ability and experience. To see them in action, explore the site and be sure to get in touch if you’d like to see - or hear - them in action.

The 2023 Christmas season "Carols of the Night" concert season rehearsals have begun but there is still time to join. So clear your calendars to participate this season if you love to sing. See Music page to listen to samples of the arrangements for our Christmas season music. If you will be joining us to sing mark your calendar for the Christmas season second rehearsal/late registration Monday, September 4th at 7 PM. Click the Join and Attend button above to see more details. Others who are interested in attending the concert click the Attend Concert button above.

Listen below to live recordings of the Woodbridge Community Choir in previous performances. Come back later to hear other recordings as they are being added.

To view a the final draft of the video of the concert Satuday, December 3, 2022 provided by Robin Moore click the View More button below. First be sure to turn off the ambient sound at the top of the this main page.

Christmas 2014Woodbridge Community Choir
00:00 / 04:18
Christmas 2015Woodbridge Community Choir
00:00 / 49:29
Christmas 2019Woodbridge Community Choir
00:00 / 04:46
Christmas 2022-1 Woodbridge Community Choir
00:00 / 31:35
Christmas 2022-2 Woodbridge Community Choir
00:00 / 31:31
Christmas 2022-3Woodbridge Community Choir
00:00 / 30:13
Christmas 2022-4Woodbridge Community Choir
00:00 / 29:51