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How to access the Voice Tracks

Updated: Jan 17

If you have not accessed the Voice Tracks before complete the following steps to gain access and listen to the tracks. Accessing the Voice Tracks requires that you join the website and have your email account added to the Current Season group by the website administrator. Note: former season WCC members are removed from the group at the end of each season so that their email account as well as new members email account must be added to the Current Season group by the website administrator. Given the above there are two ways that allow you to access the voice tracks, Happy Trail and Otherwise.

Happy Trail: If you already have an account on the WCC webpage and your account has been added to the Current Season group by the website administrator, then you need to be logged in, and click VT Spring 2024 to access the current Spring 2024 Voice Tracks.

Otherwise: For those that have never visited the website before or are not sure if you have a WCC website login account go to the "Initial visit" below. If you are certain that you have a WCC website login account then go to "Already a member? Log In" below. You can confirm that you have a WCC website account by clicking "Log In" on the main menu (upper right corner). If not the Sign Up popup will appear (see Sign Up popup below). If you have successfully logged in then click "VT Spring 2024" on the main menu. If you meet all the requirements described above then the VT Spring 2024 page will open for you. If the VT Spring 2024 page does not open for you then it is most likely because your login ID (email account) has not been added to the Current Season group. Use either the "Get in touch" near the middle of the main page or click "Contact" on the main menu bar to send your email to the website administrator. The website administrator will then seek confirmation that your registration for the current season has been paid and if so add your account to the Current Season group. An email will be sent to the email that you provided to provide notification that the account has been added to the Current Season group.

Initial visit

1) On the WCC website Main page menu bar > click Music or VT Spring 2024.

a) If you click Music the Music page should open (see On the Music page instructions below) b) If you click VT Spring 2024 on the menu bar the VT Spring 2024 page (see additional instructions on VT page) may open for you depending on whether or not you meet the VT access requirements .

c) VT access requirements: you must have joined the website (see join the website) and be a member of the Current Season group. (see becoming a member of the Current Season group)

2) If you click the VT Spring 2024 selection on the menu bar but have not logged in already or joined the website this will bring up the Sign Up popup (see Sign Up pop instructions below).

3) If the Sign Up popup appears there are two options:

a) Already a member? Log In. (See "Already a member? Log In" below)

b) Sign Up with Google, Facebook, or email (See "Sign Up popup" instructions below)

4) On the Music page (where the sample recordings are located) > scroll down to the button titled "Christmas Voice Tracks" or "Spring Voice Tracks" and click on it. Note: Spring 2024 Voice Tracks are available by using the "Spring Voice Tracks" button.

a) If all access requirements are met then the Voice Tracks page should open. See instructions on that Voice Tracks page.

Already a member? Log In - popup

Sign Up popup

Log In

Log In with Email

Sign Up with Email

If you are having difficulties gaining access to the Voice Tracks. Contact a WCC board member for assistance.

To open Voice Tracks

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