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How to access the Voice Tracks

Updated: Sep 6

If you have not accessed the tracks before complete the following steps to gain access and listen to the tracks. Start with Initial visit below.

If you already have an account on the WCC webpage but have not logged in click "Log In" on the main menu (upper right cornor). Then click Music on the main menu. Next just click the "Access Voice Tracks" button on the Music page for the current season or "Spring Voice Tracks" for the Spring 2023 season. You will be prompted to log in if you have not already done so. See "Already a member? Log In" below.

Initial visit

1) On the WCC website Main page menu bar > click Music.

2) On the Music page (where the sample recordings are located) > scroll down to the button titled "Access Voice Tracks" and click on it. Note: Spring 2023 Voice Tracks are also available by using the "Spring Voice Tracks"

a) The Voice Tracks page should open. See instructions on that Voice Tracks page.

b) But if you have not logged in or already joined the website this will bring up the Sign Up popup.

3) If the Sign Up popup appears there are two options:

a) Already a member? Log In. (See "Already a member? Log In" instruction below)

b) Sign Up with Google, Facebook, or email (See "Sign Up popup" instructions below)

Already a member? Log In

Sign Up popup

Log In

Log In with Email

Sign Up with Email

If you are having difficulties gaining access to the Voice Tracks. Contact a WCC board member for assistance.

To open Voice Tracks

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